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Announcement Press Release

For Immediate Release: February 9, 2017

Jon Neiderbach from Windsor Heights today announced his candidacy for Governor. Neiderbach, a former President of the Des Moines School Board, was the Democratic nominee for State Auditor in 2014. He previously worked for 14 years as a non-partisan analyst for the Iowa legislature and for 15 years for the Iowa Department of Human Services. He currently has a law practice in Des Moines.

“Iowans throughout the state have told me that they are frustrated and angry, that they feel they cannot get ahead. No matter how hard they work their incomes do not keep up with the prices they pay. No matter what they are promised taxes and insurance costs keep increasing and the quality of the services they get keeps decreasing. Some tell me they still face discrimination because of their health or gender or race or accent or religion.  Their hopes to buy a house, send their children to college without huge debt, and enjoy a secure retirement are slipping away, and they are afraid of the future. In short, Iowans I meet throughout the state believe the system is rigged against people like them.”

“I am running because I believe this frustration and anger and fear is being ignored, and this must change. I am running because our politics are dominated by those who able to donate big money to political campaigns, by those who can afford to hire lobbyists to advocate their interests. I am running because Iowans deserve more than political deals made at the last minute to let the legislators go home and the status quo to continue.”

“I have the passion, the commitment, and the experience to fight a rigged system that makes it nearly impossible for Iowans to achieve the American dream. I respectfully ask for the vote of every Iowa voter who like me is fed up with politics and government as usual and who like me is ready to take back our politics and our government.”